Here we are again. Hello everyone and how are you? Another month of 2019 is gone and we have just started the third one. Let me know how has been for you February. Did you take some nice photos? Did you explore a new place you haven’t been before?
Anyway without keeping you too much in front of the screen… Did you manage to practice the rule of third? If this is the first post you read no worries, just have a look on the previous post so you get an idea of what the question is about…
Are you back?

Super great because I decided to create for you a group. Yes you understood well. For you. A group. Keep reading and you will know how this photo/learning/game works (I just made up the name).
So this is what you will have to do.
Follow this link and join the group. No worries if it won’t happened right away. I will do it as soon as I can.
Once you have enjoyed the group you’ll see a post, the only one at the moment as it’s the first one so for sure you won’t miss it.
From here just read how it works the game and you are all done. Trust me you won’t regret it. No matter if you have just started or you are a pro. Sharing your personal work is always constructive, for you and for others too. Hope you will like and enjoy your new group.

What’s coming next? Let me think… Ok I have something in mind. I would like you to go through your photos. If you don’t have too many maybe because you have just started no worries, they are going to work perfectly fine. Then choose the one that you like most. One that does mean something for you. It does no matter when you took it.
Now I am pretty sure you are asking yourself why you are supposed to do that… follow me on my next post that will be out the beginning of April and you will discover it.

In the meantime I leave you with some photos I took on my walk from Brighton to Rottingdean.
For who likes the sea and the coast it is definitely a nice walk to do and you can have a nice break next to the mill in Rottingdean with the view of the sea. If you stay till sunset even if you are not a photographer, you are going to enjoy it for sure.
If you like a photo and you would like to support this blog feel free to contact me to have a print. 

By the way, I am thinking to share with you as well my trips of where I am going and how I shoot the photos that I take. By sharing my experiences I hope to help you to learn from my achievement and from my mistakes also. Let me know what do you think about it.

That’s all for this post. Don’t forget to follow me to keep you update with new content and if you would like to drop a comment you are more than welcome, plus it’s free so nothing to worry about. Hope you enjoyed the reading. I’ll see you next. Have fun and don’t forget… never give up, always forward.

RottingdeanBrighton MarinaRottingdean 2Brighton Pier


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