A bit struggle with the wind…

An advise… check the wind.

As a photographer, specially landscape photographer I often check the forecast. Clouds, rain, sun, … well I learnt last month that is best to check the wind as well.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do check these things but true as well that if I don’t have good conditions I go out and shoot anyway. One because I like it, two because more you shoot more you learn and three because by scouting the place in person you will know better the location and you are more luckily to find different spots and angles to shoot. Plus even if you have been in a place thousands of time, there is always something that you miss or you didn’t notice or something new, like I don’t know… a deer passing by.

I went to Eastbourne in the beginning of March as I wanted to do the Seven Sister Walk. I knew the weather would not be as I was hoping but I didn’t mind. Discover a new place and taking photos it’s the only thing I wanted and want to do. Just so you know, the Seven Sister Walk is a walk in the South East of England on top of some amazing cliffs. If you are familiar with the cliffs in England you know already what kind of spectacular views they can offer.
There are few paths you can do. The one I wanted to do was from Eastbourne till a B&B call Belle Tout Lighthouse, which I can say is half way of this walk toward Seaford. The main place I wanted to photograph on this walk was the Beachy Head Lighthouse. The lighthouse is below the cliffs, which I saw some photos online where you can reach it when the tide is low. But I am not sure if you can go on your own or you need a guide for it.

Anyway ones I was on the top of the cliffs to start the walk I knew already I would have had a problem, something I didn’t think of. The wind. It was so windy that all the shapes of the trees were bend it. Luckily it wasn’t rain and there were some nice clouds which were making the sky more interesting and sometimes the sun was coming out, giving a really nice look to the cliffs, trees and to the lighthouse. I have been lucky. It was amazing.

How did I deal with the wind? Well… I couldn’t put my tripod out. It was really too windy to even think I could have a sharp image with it plus I have to be honest, I don’t have a solid tripod, not yet. So I knew I couldn’t count on that. The only two things I could count were my camera and myself. I decided to work then with high shutter speed and I used continuous shooting mode to increase the possibilities to have at list one sharp image.

So this is my advise, check the wind as well. Of course even if it’s not working in your favour just go out and shoot. It is always best to do it than don’t do it right?
And if the wind is that strong to blow you away, work with high shutter speed and continuous shooting mode. It worked for me.
Now If you have ever been in a similar situation, where something you didn’t think of put you a bit in trouble with your shooting and in somehow you sorted it, feel free to share it by leaving a comment below.

I hope by writing this posts, I can help you and learn from my mistakes and show you that with hard work and determination you can do anything.
Hope you enjoyed the reading. I will post some photos of this trip in the next post so follow me and subscribe if you are curious to see them.

Before I forget. I have also opened a group on Facebook to share tips, experiences, places to go and have some challenges to improve and to have fun with photography. I just opened it so don’t be shy if we are not that many. So just click the link below and welcome to the group


Thanks a lot to have pass by. I’ll see you next. Ciao.

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