Hi to all of you that are part of this world. And if you are not part of this world well, hi to you too. Hope all of you are well.
I didn’t have a photo for this content so I picked this one cause I like it and I hope you as well.

I am super happy to let you know that I finally bought my super campervan. It’s a Renault Trafic, year 1993. I saw it and fell in love straight away. It doesn’t have all the comfortable things that new vehicles have. No automatic doors, no automatic windows, the steering wheel is hard to turn and to start it require a strong push on the gas pedal. I don’t know what it has exactly that I like, It seems it has its own personality I can say. Every time I am in it and drive it I just feel happy.

It require few works as well. There are some patches of rust that I have to take care and inside I want to change few things but I have to do everything step by step specially for the money. I will save every months some money so I can slowly “fix” it.

The countdown to go and live in it, it started. Five weeks from when the contract of my flat end. From there my van life will begin. I feel excited and scared if I have to be honest with you. Would you not feel the same way?

I will still have my full time job for now. During the weekends go and travel and take photos and try to have some income in photography. This is the plan for now. So let’s see how it goes.
I started as well to make some videos about photography and places where I am going with the van. I didn’t upload anything yet but I will. Honestly I am still not comfortable in seeing my self on the screen and hearing my voice and talking to the camera while there are people around… let’s say I need more time and more practice.

Anyway I’m hoping by sharing my experiences from the start to show you that it does no matter if you make right or wrong decisions. I mean, look at me. I am 36 years old and I am deciding to live in a van and trying to make it as a photographer. Lots of people in my age are thinking to get a house and have a “good” job and not to do this kind of life style. The truth is that there is not right or wrong, for me at list. The only thing that is important and I learn on my path is that there is no failure, there is no victory. Whatever you choose to do, try your best. If it doesn’t work, find another way.

I hope you enjoy the reading and if you did enjoy it then feel free to follow the website, Facebook and Instagram. And if you wish I opened a group on Facebook to have some fun with photography and travelling. It’s still a bit “raw” but with time and with your help will grow.

I will keep you update with more content about photography and van life.
I will see you next. Ciao.

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