Here we are again. Hello everyone and how are you? Another month of 2019 is gone and we have just started the third one. Let me know how has been for you February. Did you take some nice photos? Did you explore a new place you haven’t been before?
Anyway without keeping you too much in front of the screen… Did you manage to practice the rule of third? If this is the first post you read no worries, just have a look on the previous post so you get an idea of what the question is about…
Are you back?

Super great because I decided to create for you a group. Yes you understood well. For you. A group. Keep reading and you will know how this photo/learning/game works (I just made up the name).
So this is what you will have to do.
Follow this link and join the group. No worries if it won’t happened right away. I will do it as soon as I can.
Once you have enjoyed the group you’ll see a post, the only one at the moment as it’s the first one so for sure you won’t miss it.
From here just read how it works the game and you are all done. Trust me you won’t regret it. No matter if you have just started or you are a pro. Sharing your personal work is always constructive, for you and for others too. Hope you will like and enjoy your new group.

What’s coming next? Let me think… Ok I have something in mind. I would like you to go through your photos. If you don’t have too many maybe because you have just started no worries, they are going to work perfectly fine. Then choose the one that you like most. One that does mean something for you. It does no matter when you took it.
Now I am pretty sure you are asking yourself why you are supposed to do that… follow me on my next post that will be out the beginning of April and you will discover it.

In the meantime I leave you with some photos I took on my walk from Brighton to Rottingdean.
For who likes the sea and the coast it is definitely a nice walk to do and you can have a nice break next to the mill in Rottingdean with the view of the sea. If you stay till sunset even if you are not a photographer, you are going to enjoy it for sure.
If you like a photo and you would like to support this blog feel free to contact me to have a print. 

By the way, I am thinking to share with you as well my trips of where I am going and how I shoot the photos that I take. By sharing my experiences I hope to help you to learn from my achievement and from my mistakes also. Let me know what do you think about it.

That’s all for this post. Don’t forget to follow me to keep you update with new content and if you would like to drop a comment you are more than welcome, plus it’s free so nothing to worry about. Hope you enjoyed the reading. I’ll see you next. Have fun and don’t forget… never give up, always forward.

RottingdeanBrighton MarinaRottingdean 2Brighton Pier


Play a game to learn photography?

Hello everyone
Here I am again with the second blog. First of all, how are you and how was your first month of 2019? I hope you had a good January and if you didn’t… well February has just started so don’t you worry. Every day is a different day where you can make things better.
I want to thank you to have read my first blog and to have started to follow me. You have no idea how much I appreciate your support.

So let’s start this second blog.
How January has been for me…

As I want to become a travel/landscape photographer and I am building my van to do so I decided until the van is not finish to go ones every month out of the city. Somewhere new to discover and of course to take photos of. Not only the ones that I like but photos that can be sold. I did lots of researching and looked to different pictures to see which one sell and which one doesn’t. Of course I have a rough idea of it but I am not sure 100% , the only way to really learn is trying myself.

The location I picked for January has been Rottingdean. I choose it because I saw on Instagram a photo of a Mill Hill that attract me. Before to go I researched if there was a nice walk to get there from Brighton as my train from London was stopping here. I checked through Google maps if there was something interesting and it came out “the walk under the cliff” which I recommend cause it is a really nice walk by the sea and as the name says, it is under the cliffs. I stayed there the whole day and ones I was back home I picked some photos that I think might sell. I am writing a “presentation” of this photos to try to pitch agencies that might be interested in buy them. So let’s see.

Last year I started as well stock photography through some websites like Shutterstock. I don’t have lots of photos uploaded yet but I am working on it. As you might know it is better to have different incomes, specially when you just started. Not only for money but also to discover your self, your photography, your niche, your style. Trying different things does help you to grow as a photographer and as a person as well. I think.

A photographer that I am following on Youtube ones said “your success depends on what success means to you, if it’s money either £5 or 1000£, to have followers on Instagram or FB either 2 or 1000. You decide what success is”.
I just wanted to sell one photo through stock photography. Just one. To proof my self that with patience, perseverance and hard work I can make it. And guess what? Well… I sold two. Yeah I know It’s not a lot of money. I mean… literally nothing but who cares. I feel like the most rich person in the world. So trust me, never give up, you can do it and I am not talking only about photography.

Bolus Head - Ireland 03

About the van… I am researching how much will cost me, roughly. Insulation, kitchen, windows, etc… What I need to buy and how I would like to build it. So nothing concrete yet but I will start to build it in March so I will keep you update.

As last… I would like to start a photography game with you.
As you know already to be a better photographer you need to practice, practice, practice and then practice again. Everyone does. Pro photographer included. So I decided every month to pick a theme and practice it. As it’s the first time I think it should be good to start with the first rule that every photographer learn, “the rule of thirds”. At the link below is explain what it is in case you don’t know it. I choose this link cause is one of the websites that helped me to understand photography and no, I am not sponsored from them.

Now that you know what the rule of third is, you will have to take photos with this technique. No matter what you decide to photograph and which camera you are going to use, even your phone is fine. You will have to take photos base on the rule of thirds for the whole month of February. As I said, I would like to do this game as I believe the best way to learn photography is going out and practice it your self.

What’s happening after this? At the end of the month you will have to choose only one image that you shoot, the one you think is the best. Only one and then… well, if you want to know what you have to do next follow me on the third blog I will post. It’s going to be in the beginning of March. So follow me on my website to have new updates.

For now go out there and start to take photos. Remember it does no matter if you are a professional or a beginner, practicing is something everyone does.

Looking forward to see you on the third blog. In the meantime have a happy February. Remember… never give up, always forward.

Foreign in London: Alex

Hi, my name is Alex and I came to London at the end of August 2011.
6585I finished university in Romania in Geography of Tourism. I did a master’s and I found a good job as a travel agent. The job was in the field that I studied which was nice. It was an office job. I was learning a lot but in Romania even with a job you can’t afford to live in a rented house so I was living with my parents. I was 24 years old so it wasn’t that bad.
6564My ex-boyfriend at that time had a sister living in Italy and another one in London. We wanted to leave Romania so we picked UK because we both speak English and we thought it’s going to be easier.
A friend of his was living across the street from a pub. When I arrived to London we first went to his flat to leave the luggage and then we went straight to this pub for a pint. It was the first place I have been in London and it turned out I will be working in that pub for the next four years and a half.
2045At some point… I think it was about three months since I have been here, my ex-boyfriend and I broke up. I had about 3 pounds in my account and I didn’t have a place to sleep. There were lots of people that helped me – surprisingly – because I only knew them for a few months.
Most of the friends I have in London now, I met them through the pub. All my life was there.
We were having fun and we felt comfortable, like a family. It was fun and that’s why I stayed for 4 years and half, and also you get in a routine were you lose yourself. When you work in a pub you work late shifts, you finish late and then you want to drink because you were serving people the whole day and in the end you need a pint. You stay up till 5 in the morning. Go home. Sleep and then wake up, take a shower and go back to work. It’s a different lifestyle which is hard to get out of, and quite easy to get into. It’s fun but I knew I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life. Plus time passes really fast… A problem with everybody in London I think.
4146Once I was in the pub on a morning shift and I was feeling a bit frustrated. I was cleaning the candleholders and thinking “What am I doing with my life?” I decided I want to do something I am going to be passionate about. The idea came with forensics science. You are doing something that’s going to make the world better, I know it sounds a bit pretentious but you are helping to solve cases and catch bad guys. Justice. I applied but I thought I would never get in. But they said yes. At the same time I found a part time job as a receptionist for a private student accommodation. Of course I quit working in the pub.
2030Now… Now I am on my last year of studying. Still working part time as a receptionist in the same place. With the people I was really good friends I’m still managing to stay in touch even if we don’t text every day or every month. I see them and it’s like we didn’t see each other from yesterday. It comes naturally. With others I’m a bit sad we lost touch but it does happen. People come and go and you are busy as well… but I think the good ones just stick with you. No matter what happens in life. It’s like socks in a washing machine. Some of them get lost on the way while some others stick to the tumbler.
2026I think that life gives you things even if you don’t see it and then when you have all these things together you kind of need to make that step, even if it’s scary. So if you want something hard enough, you have the power to make it happen.

Starting to blog

Hi everyone and welcome to this blog.
I decided to start it as I am starting to take my journey…
Where? Well I am not sure yet.
In the last years I started to discover a bit more of myself, and this year I would like to make it the year of changes.

The first change is trying to develop more documentary photography. I love talking to people and telling their story from their own prospective. I feel grateful that somebody opens up with me and lets me take their portrait.
I am still researching my portrait style but I know it will come at one point with more practice and experience.

The second change… landscape. I never tried it before and last year I started to realise that I really like it. Quite tough though and I am still learning but I like to go for walks or going for a ride with my bicycle on my own and just stay there, finding a place that inspires me, trying to find a composition and waiting for the weather to be the way I want it. I am still not really good at it but I am working on it.
Landscape photography helps me clear my mind. It makes me feel at peace with myself.

The third change… well. I just bought a van and in the end of May I am going to start living in it. It is not converted yet which is going to happen in the next months.
End of May because the contract of the house I am living in will end by then so I decided that my adventure will start from there. It’s anyway already started as in the meantime I am trying as well to be a freelance photographer while I am working full time as a bookbinder and yes… As you understood already, I would like to start a nomad life with photography as a job.

Cliffs of Moher01

I know it won’t be easy and I know it will take a really long time to be a pro photographer and of course find my balance by living in the van, but it’s something I know I have to do.
From when I had this idea I feel lighter and happy. Yes. I am scared. Am I doing the right thing? Will it be dangerous? Will I be able to support myself only with photography? Do I really want to jump in this adventure, as I am not that young anymore and I never done something like it? Is it going to work? Lots of questions but in the end… which question about life actually has an answer?
What I know is that I don’t want to look back one day and regret I didn’t try.
With time, patience and hard work everything is possible. I think.

By sharing my adventure with you from the start I hope I will help you be inspired and learn from my mistakes and my achievement to find your own path.
So welcome to this blog. Subscribe to the newsletter to have updates on new posts or drop me an email even if it’s just to say hi.
Have a happy life and a big smile. Always forward. I’ll see you on the second post.

Behind the Rainbow: Katie

My name is Katie.
I am from London ish. I grow up partly in Romford and partly in Mitcham and then I left London when I was 18.
I went to University in Warwick and lived in Coventry for six years. And then I lived in Cornwall for two years. I moved in there with my ex girlfriend. I had this idyllic picture of living in the country side and doing loads of writing and being inspired but I had a job where I was driving a lot and on the road a lot and so, connecting to the country side, it didn’t happen. There wasn’t enough there for me plus the relationship ended and I just thought: it’s the time for me to go back to London.
When I came back to London I said to myself: “One thing that I want to do when I’m here is get a gay social life”, cause I didn’t have that. So I thought I like sports, so I decided to look up gay sports teams. I found a softball club. That was my first door opened in the gay community.
I started to really understand and I’m still learning what an LGBTQ community means. How important it is and how important the place of that kind of community is to people who don’t have access to LGBTQ life anywhere else.
3411I realised I fancied women when I was about 14. Once I realised, I was like: ok, this is alright. I didn’t have a problem with this but I understood that other people might have a problem so I didn’t tell anyone for quite a long time. I wasn’t ready to talk about it either.
When I was 16 I started to tell some people. My friends gave me a really safe space. I was very lucky. They took me for who I was.
I told to a couple of teachers. My mum. Mum… mum didn’t have a problem with it but at the time I think she thought “I wish you weren’t”. Now it’s not a problem at all. It was just a shock to her. She needed some time to adjust and process but that was cool. She had her time and then she was fine about it. My parents always have been supportive with me and my siblings. Finding our own path. Making our own decisions.
My grandparents… they were the hardest because they were just… my grandma was obsessed with when I would get a boyfriend… classic grandma. So having to cover that up, that was the hardest. Especially when I had a girlfriend. Eventually I told them. They accepted it straight away.
At one point my life got bad cause I got cancer. I was married at that time. I don’t have a lot of good things to say about this relationship. Towards the end it became… I guess what people call “emotional abuse”. When something like cancer happens to you and you survive it you make decisions about choosing happiness in your life.
So I left and this was two years ago and we are now divorced. I came out better than when I started. I am managing my time and my schedule and putting my health first so… after a lot of stress… I come out alright in the end. If I didn’t have cancer and hadn’t left my marriage, definitely I wouldn’t be in this place now. It inspired me to take the decision to pursue my creative side which is writing.

I am proud I have such amazing people in my life. We have been in and out but we have cultivated incredible friendship. I have so much love in my life. I am proud of putting myself first in the last two years. I am proud I am doing my writing now and it’s starting to get traction so It’s a long process. Anything creative tends to be long, writing in particular. Things don’t happen overnight. Persistence and perseverance are really important. I understand that in a way I never did before.