Pro&Cons Vanlife in London

Hello everyone, hope you are having a good week.
This time I want to share with you some pro and cons that I found by living in the van in London. It is a while now from when I started van life and I decided to put together for you some of my experiences.
If you don’t like to read and you prefer to watch videos no worries. I create for you that too. Just head to my YouTube channel to find out these pro and cons and if you like the content don’t forget to subscribe.
Anyway back to us. Let’s start with the cons.

London Eye
London Eye at sunrise

Cons number 1
View. You don’t wake up in a nice field with a nice view. You are on the street. So forget about to wake up and look to a nice landscape. The best thing you might be able to look at are foxes eating kebabs from what people left. Yep it happened while I was sleeping in a car park.

Cons number 2
Silence. You certainly don’t want people know you are living in your van and park in front of their houses. Don’t get me wrong, some people don’t have a problem with it but some others might be. So it is better avoid problems and keep silence while you are in the van. So you are acting like you are dead, which is not funny specially when you are back in the van in the afternoon and you still have the rest of the day to go.

Cons number 3
Food. Because I don’t want to make any noise in the van I stopped to cook. I love food and I love to cook. So basically my meals are made from food that is already prepared, bought from supermarkets like sandwiches or crisps. Of course sometimes I am going to visit some friends, thanks to them I can have a nice meal while I am staying in the city because of my full time job.

Cons number 4
Parking. I don’t like to go to work with the van because near to my job there aren’t too many spaces where to park, plus I finish work at 4PM and the traffic is insane. I prefer to go around London with my bicycle but by doing this I need to leave the van somewhere. Here is the problem. In London during the day there are Pay and Display. This mean that a certain times of the day you need to pay to park. So I need to find every time a place where to leave the van without this rule cause it can be quite expensive during the whole month and It is not easy to find parking space where there aren’t Pay and Display.

Sunrise in Putney
River Thames at sunrise

Now I am sure you are wondering what the pros are. Well one pro that I found is that actually you save money. You need to be careful to don’t spend too much in food though. As I was saying because I stopped cooking sometimes I like to have a nice meal without annoying friends. Eat out in London can be quite expensive. So if you are careful with this, you can actually save money.

Another pro is the parking space. What? You just said is a cons… Yes I said so but I said is a cons during the day. Pay and Display are only at a certain times of the day. The maximum I found until now is 7PM. After that you can park for free. This mean you can basically park anywhere without paying and this is mean you can sleep anywhere. I park my van in main roads and not in small roads. This is because I feel safer.

These pro and cons are coming from my experiences living in the van until now. Of course yours might be different or some might be similar to mine. It depends on your experiences and of course on your self as we are all different.

Richmond Park
Richmond Park

Now I decided to share my stories with you not only because of the van or because of photography… I believe there is no failure in what we decide to do, at list from my point of view. There is what you want and your experiences. Do what you feel… of course in respect of others, please remember this, you are not the only one in this world. Respect the places where you are going and of course respect your self. Try things! Because by trying things you discover more of your self, what you like and what you don’t like. You never know where you might end up. I mean I never thought I would be able to speak a second language, I never thought I would lived in a different country and specially I never thought I would live in a van and find out that I love to take photos and share with you my stories. The good experiences will stay with you and from the bad ones you learn.

I am done for today. Hope you enjoy the reading and thank you so much to have passed by. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter so I can keep you update with new posts and if you want there is also a Facebook group that I create where you can share photos and your stories as well.

Have a lovely weekend guys. I will see you next. Ciao.

Photography in Isle of Sheppey

Hello everyone, hope you had a nice weekend.
As I mentioned on my previous blog I had to go to Isle of Sheppey to fix the water pump of my van.
I never been there so discover a new place has been wonderful.

I stayed in a campsite called LeoBay where they also fix campervans and convert them to. Basically if you are going there and you have something on your van that is not working, well they will fix it.
Of course these services are not for free but they are reasonable, at list for me it has been. The other good side of this place is that to welcoming you they offer you coffee or tea, at your choice, and muffin at your arrival. Coffee and tea for sure, the muffin… well depends what they have at the moment I believe.
I did enjoy stay there cause they are quite easy going and in the price everything is included, laundry too.

The weather was also really nice, not too cold and not too hot. I managed to have a short swim in the sea.
As I spent here the weekend I decided to go exploring the area around and take some photos of the sunset.
From when I started until now living in the van is going well. It lets me going around on my spare time and visit new places without spending too much money in transport or accommodation.
Anyway I am sharing with you some of the photos I took in the Isle of Sheppey and you can also have a look at the video I made while there and if you like it… well subscribe to the channel.

I will be in Italy in September visiting “Le cinque terre” and for a personal project, as some of you know already I like to take stories of people and their portraits.
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Thank you so much to have pass by this blog and to have take the time to read it. You have no idea how much I appreciate. Anyway hope you are well and don’t forget to never stop yourself to try what you would like to do. There is no fail in what we do, only experiences to learn from and to discover our self, even if sometimes can be really really hard. Just learn to do a step at the time and breathe.

Have a nice week everyone. I will see you next. Ciao.

Photos for new blog1

Different life style

Hello everyone hope you are having a good weekend.

As some of you knows already I started a new different style of life.
I want to become a full time photographer. My two main photography are Landscape and Portrait. The last one are more personal projects as with them I like to collect the stories of people combined with their portraits.

As I am working full time in London I decided to live full time in a campervan to help me travel on the weekends and to save money.

So here I am. I started to do videos to share with you my journey because… well, why not?
Hope you enjoy it and if you have any question or advise feel free to contact me or leave a comment, even if you would like to say hi.

If you would like to enjoy the community as well I opened a FB group to interact to each other. Most on locations and photography. Feel free to enjoy it.

Click the link below to watch the first video of this saga.


Hi to all of you that are part of this world. And if you are not part of this world well, hi to you too. Hope all of you are well.
I didn’t have a photo for this content so I picked this one cause I like it and I hope you as well.

I am super happy to let you know that I finally bought my super campervan. It’s a Renault Trafic, year 1993. I saw it and fell in love straight away. It doesn’t have all the comfortable things that new vehicles have. No automatic doors, no automatic windows, the steering wheel is hard to turn and to start it require a strong push on the gas pedal. I don’t know what it has exactly that I like, It seems it has its own personality I can say. Every time I am in it and drive it I just feel happy.

It require few works as well. There are some patches of rust that I have to take care and inside I want to change few things but I have to do everything step by step specially for the money. I will save every months some money so I can slowly “fix” it.

The countdown to go and live in it, it started. Five weeks from when the contract of my flat end. From there my van life will begin. I feel excited and scared if I have to be honest with you. Would you not feel the same way?

I will still have my full time job for now. During the weekends go and travel and take photos and try to have some income in photography. This is the plan for now. So let’s see how it goes.
I started as well to make some videos about photography and places where I am going with the van. I didn’t upload anything yet but I will. Honestly I am still not comfortable in seeing my self on the screen and hearing my voice and talking to the camera while there are people around… let’s say I need more time and more practice.

Anyway I’m hoping by sharing my experiences from the start to show you that it does no matter if you make right or wrong decisions. I mean, look at me. I am 36 years old and I am deciding to live in a van and trying to make it as a photographer. Lots of people in my age are thinking to get a house and have a “good” job and not to do this kind of life style. The truth is that there is not right or wrong, for me at list. The only thing that is important and I learn on my path is that there is no failure, there is no victory. Whatever you choose to do, try your best. If it doesn’t work, find another way.

I hope you enjoy the reading and if you did enjoy it then feel free to follow the website, Facebook and Instagram. And if you wish I opened a group on Facebook to have some fun with photography and travelling. It’s still a bit “raw” but with time and with your help will grow.

I will keep you update with more content about photography and van life.
I will see you next. Ciao.


Here we are again. Hello everyone and how are you? Another month of 2019 is gone and we have just started the third one. Let me know how has been for you February. Did you take some nice photos? Did you explore a new place you haven’t been before?
Anyway without keeping you too much in front of the screen… Did you manage to practice the rule of third? If this is the first post you read no worries, just have a look on the previous post so you get an idea of what the question is about…
Are you back?

Super great because I decided to create for you a group. Yes you understood well. For you. A group. Keep reading and you will know how this photo/learning/game works (I just made up the name).
So this is what you will have to do.
Follow this link and join the group. No worries if it won’t happened right away. I will do it as soon as I can.
Once you have enjoyed the group you’ll see a post, the only one at the moment as it’s the first one so for sure you won’t miss it.
From here just read how it works the game and you are all done. Trust me you won’t regret it. No matter if you have just started or you are a pro. Sharing your personal work is always constructive, for you and for others too. Hope you will like and enjoy your new group.

What’s coming next? Let me think… Ok I have something in mind. I would like you to go through your photos. If you don’t have too many maybe because you have just started no worries, they are going to work perfectly fine. Then choose the one that you like most. One that does mean something for you. It does no matter when you took it.
Now I am pretty sure you are asking yourself why you are supposed to do that… follow me on my next post that will be out the beginning of April and you will discover it.

In the meantime I leave you with some photos I took on my walk from Brighton to Rottingdean.
For who likes the sea and the coast it is definitely a nice walk to do and you can have a nice break next to the mill in Rottingdean with the view of the sea. If you stay till sunset even if you are not a photographer, you are going to enjoy it for sure.
If you like a photo and you would like to support this blog feel free to contact me to have a print. 

By the way, I am thinking to share with you as well my trips of where I am going and how I shoot the photos that I take. By sharing my experiences I hope to help you to learn from my achievement and from my mistakes also. Let me know what do you think about it.

That’s all for this post. Don’t forget to follow me to keep you update with new content and if you would like to drop a comment you are more than welcome, plus it’s free so nothing to worry about. Hope you enjoyed the reading. I’ll see you next. Have fun and don’t forget… never give up, always forward.

RottingdeanBrighton MarinaRottingdean 2Brighton Pier