Llyn Ogwen circular walk

We decided to go for the weekend to Snowdonia Park, in Wales. We knew we only had Saturday to really enjoy it as Friday and Sunday were mostly to stay on the road to go and come back. Because of this we wanted an easy and not too long hike. On the website of National Park, www.nationaltrust.org.uk No I am not sponsored by them and I don’t get any money, I just want to share with you what helped/helps me to find nice places to visit.
Back to us. On the website I just shared above, you can find places to visit but what it is really helpful as well it’s that you can find also walking trails with all the information you need. For example how to get there, the distance, how long it takes and the grade of difficulty of the walking/hiking.
After researching we choose the Llyn Ogwen circular walk which goes around the Llyn Ogwen lake and that’s why the walk is called like that.

We arrived around midday as we spent the night sleeping in a car park and we decided to have breakfast at the top of a hill with a nice panorama. The weather wasn’t that great but at list wasn’t raining.

Ones there we had to look for a place where to leave the campervan and stay for the night. We realized straight away that was really easy. There are lots of free car park by the street and quite few camping. Also farmers let you stay in their land and they offer you basic facilities like showers and toilets. This last was the option we choose.
An advise. Bring with you money. The one we stayed were really easy going. Basically you just park, stay over night and the next day they knock on your window and ask for the money. Simple as that. Some they ask for 5£ per person some others 10£ and some a bit more but base on the vehicle and not on how many people are sleeping. If you are not sure for the price just ask someone that is in the camp already. That’s what we did. So remember to bring with you some money and to get information on how works the place you are staying as they all have slightly different rules.

We packed 2 sandwiches each and of course water. Warm clothes as it was really cold and windy and we made our way to the hiking. The entrance is really easy to find. There is a car park, tourist information and a cafe without card machine, so remember to take money with you. I know I already said it but I prefer to remind you as I don’t want you to make the same mistake we did.
After literally five minutes of walking we were already super happy to have came to Snowdonia Park. The views from the beginning are amazing. The colors were perfect and the sun with the clouds were leaving extraordinary light and shadow on the land.
photo 4
photo 5

It doesn’t take too long to reach the lake. Ones here we stopped to eat and enjoy the nature around us. There is a small river coming from the lake and going down from where we came, so I decided to take a long exposure photo. Unfortunately I am not really satisfy with this image. The reason I think is because there isn’t a main subject to look at. There is the river in the foreground but if you follow it with your eyes it doesn’t really head the view to anything. This is the reason why I think I don’t really like it.
photo 6

We followed the lake shore on its left side. From here we went up. The walk connects at the end of the lake with another walk called Capel Curig. Because we didn’t have enough time we decided to stay on our circular walk.
Ones we were at the end of the lake, we stopped. The view was insane. In front of us there was this massive mountain and at the bottom the lake. The colors, the sun, the clouds, the light and shadow. Everything was perfect, magical, nearly unreal. I think we stood there without talking for nearly fifteen minutes. Just looking. We couldn’t do anything else. Did ever happened to you to freeze in front of something beautiful? The time stops. You can’t do anything except looking and let this peaceful view get all over you.
photo 7

I did take lots of photos while there. We stayed up there for hours.

I hope you enjoy the view as we did. And if you can’t feel the magic through these photos, well… I am actually here not only to show you places and talking about photography and life but to let you discover where you can go next, even for just a weekend. So go there and let me know if you felt that magic.
photo 8

Thank you to have stop by and I hope you enjoyed the reading and the photos. I want to finish this post by remind you that wherever you are going please be respectful to the tradition of people living in that place and of course to nature. Remember to take home everything you brought with you. Our world is amazing, let’s keep it this way so we can enjoy these stunning and beautiful places.

I will see you next guys. Ciao.